A Made-To-Order Solution with full support and managed hosting

MindQuest Learning delivers a whole new perspective on Learning

Have you ever wished you could design a learning solution that would be just right for your needs? That’s what a learning portal allows you to do!

Your Custom Website with our Learning Management System as the engine

Our application development design services provide a unique front-end web site tailored to your organizations learning needs, integrated with our flexible, robust Learning Management System, Totara, to power the growing requirements of any organization in any industry.

Custom Learning Portals are not a one-size fits-all approach

We provide organizations a custom learning portal (website) with only the learning functionalities you need, setup intuitively for your learners. With standard LMS features as its engine, administrators can track and report, add custom features or integrate with your preferred tools and systems (HR, Financial, etc.).

Why settle for an LMS you don't want

Many organizations are dissatisfied with their LMS and would prefer to pick and choose what they want out of an LMS, how it should look and work. MindQuest Learning’s Custom Learning Portal provides organizations just that opportunity, and to have a solution that will grow and change with you as your learning needs grow and change.

We are focused exclusively on learning and providing you exclusive learning solutions.

We have the ability to offer deep functionalities and intuitive development options that fit your business requirements and satisfy your learners and administrators.

Your business model doesn't need to change to fit our solution.

MindQuest Learning makes it possible for organizations to create a custom learning solution that looks and acts the way you want!

Benefits of a Custom Learning Portal

  • Streamlined Portal Development
  • Functionality you really want and use
  • Value
  • Intuitiveness your users will appreciate
  • Custom-tailored
  • No Per-User License Fees
  • Responsive Mobile Design
  • Creative problem solving and innovation
  • Partnership relationship
  • Adaptable to new ideas as you grow and change