eCommerce Learning Platform Made Easy

MindQuest Learning offers a complete end-to-end solution that allows clients to manage and sell courses, webinars, conferences and calendar events online on a website branded to your organization. It’s a very practical integrated two-step eCommerce Learning Platform that allows learners to access or search your catalog to purchase online courses and/or seminars while being automatically registered in your Learning Management System (Totara).

MindQuest Learning has developed this seamless LMS/eCommerce/CMS integration to ensure that your learners have a superior user experience, that administrators can easily manage content and track usage and to allow our clients to benefit from having everything in a centralized location.


Everything is designed for a seamless user experience:

  • Increase your revenue by selling courses online
  • Improve your overall customer experience
  • Manage your LMS and CMS and eCommerce all in one place.
  • Create an intuitive User Friendly Design for both Admin and Users


  • Single Sign On and Social Networks Login
  • Auto registration to courses, webinars and conferences
  • Customized branding
  • Seamless user experience
  • Easy to setup and user friendly
  • integration is available
  • Video conferencing integrations such as WebEx, Adobe Connect, Google Hangout
  • Supports Paypal, and numerous other payment gateways
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Integrated with Totara
  • Discount Code Generator