Totara Learn

MindQuest Learning is a certified solutions partner and full service provider of Totara Learn, an open, innovative and social platform for corporate learning management. Totara Learn is uniquely designed to meet the online and offline learning management needs of busy enterprises and schools to deliver the benefits of open source software

What is Totara Learn

Totara is based upon the world’s most popular learning management system, Moodle. In addition to the feature-rich Moodle platform, Totara is equipped with functionality designed specifically for the corporate sector. This includes:

  • Configurable Learning Platform (LMS)
  • Easy to Use, Collaborative, Scalable
  • Functionally Rich, Tracking & Advanced Reporting
  • Train Employees, Partners/Learners
  • Personalized Learning
  • Mobile delivery, Responsive Design
  • Powerful reporting with graphical design
  • Management of roles, positions and organizational hierarchies
  • Talent management
  • Integration with HR, ERP and CRM (Salesforce, Sugar) systems
  • Calendar integration with classroom & webinar training
  • Manager dashboards, automated notifications
  • Support for programs and learning plans
  • Configurable, intuitive user interface
  • Multi-lingual and more!

Totara Learn LMS Services

  • World Class Support
  • Consulting, Training, Implementation
  • Systems Integration, Salesforce Integration
  • Application Development
  • Secure Managed Hosting and 24/7 Support

Achieve your business, association, school and enterprise learning objectives through our best-in-class open source corporate and educational learning management systems.

Benefits of Totara Learning Management System

Globally Tested

Totara is a corporate version of the world's most popular learning management platform with over 1500 clients worldwide on five continents.

Open Source

Totara is 100% open source software; robust, secure and scalable with all the features you’d expect in a corporate learning management system and pricing below proprietary LMS’s.


Integrated ecommerce capabilities to sell your courses with tons of features!... see more on selling online with Totara

Flexible Hosting

We can securely host/service your Totara LMS or you can host behind your firewall.

Custom Dashboard/User Interface

Configure different menus, change the look and feel for each Audience. Create custom learner catalogues. Make the UI the way you want it to look and behave!

Manage compliance, certifications and programs of learning

Totara makes managing regulatory compliance and online learning simple. Define and manage the structure of certifications and

Learning Plans

Show all the learning, competencies, and objectives employees are working on now, their upcoming deadlines, what is mandatory, and what to prioritize. Learners monitor their progress.

Classroom and Webinar Training

Synchronous, face-to-face learning remains a highly-effective training method even in the most modern of enterprises.

Flexible Course Authoring Tool

Easy-to-use, comprehensive authoring tool. Combine instructor-led, self-paced learning, surveys and social learning (etc.) for a blended approach, all in a single course.

Flexible Hierarchies

Hierarchies store your enterprise’s entire organization and job structure, so you can manage learning assignments, drill down within reports, and control access to reporting data.

Role-based System

Use existing system roles or create any number of organization roles you need with customized permissions.

Target Your Audiences

Define, edit, and manage user groups using unlimited combinations of rules built on your organization’s dynamic HR, CRM, and ERP data.

Mobile Learning

Totara is designed to be fully responsive – meaning the user interface will adjust seamlessly depending on what device you are using; desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Learner-Focused Catalogues

We give you two interconnected catalogs, making it simple to promote courses and also efficiently manage enterprise learning.

Talent Management

Align performance with personal and company goals. Manage employee performance with powerful tools (appraisals, discussion, 360 feedback, analysis). Succession Planning.

Skills and Competency Frameworks

It’s simple to build competency based learning in Totara LMS.

Team Management

Regular team performance check-ins keep teams working like well-oiled machines.

Powerful Reporting

One size does not fit all. Flexibility is key. Standard reports and ad-hoc reports with sophisticated report scheduling options. University-style tracking of course hours.

Social Learning

Informal learning via a host of tools that can be turned on/off/privacy settings. Forums, Chats, Blogs, Wiki’s, Polls. NEW IN 2015, ASK US ABOUT TOTARA SOCIAL!

Webinar and Calendar Integration

WebEx, Adobe Connect, Google Hangout. iCal calendar integration


Building blocks for the exact LMS you want. Totara is not one-size-fits-all.

Integration across your Enterprise

People, position and organization data will regularly be updated automatically from your HR, ERP, SIS or POS system.

Web Services

Totara LMS includes over one hundred web service functions and supports all major web service protocols (REST, JSON, SOAP, XMLRPC, and AMF).


Totara is translated into many of the world’s languages.

Multi-Tenancy Capable

Multiple portals within a centralized system so you can centrally manage your 'tenants' and your 'tenants' can see only their own separate content and users