Services offered by MindQuest Learning include:

Drupal, Laravel or IOS/Android APP Development

Drupal, Laravel or React Native are open-source languages, used worldwide. They are a perfect choice for organizations seeking up-to-date functionality with minimal cost and time commitment, as well as Native APP languages as well. Read more...


Getting started with online/blended/elearning or figuring out which platform to use? Not sure if you want to host yourself or have a vendor host? Not sure what this should cost? It can be hard to know where to turn and what to do. We are easy to talk with. Contact us to get started!

Learning Management System Implementation/data migration

We have the experience and expertise to migrate your existing LMS site to Mindquest Learning’s LMS hosting infrastructure. Project management and strategic consulting services are available to assist organizations with large-scale deployments.


Certified Totara experts provide LMS training for LMS Site Administrators and course creators.


We are an enterprise hosting service provider delivering reliable, scalable, and secure 24/7 access to our client's sites. We continuously monitor the performance of our servers to offer an optimized, fully redundant and high availability hosting architecture that boasts a 99.97% up-time and a fast server response time.

Strong focus on QA

We maintain a strong focus on testing. We take a phase lag approach where the test cycles lag a phase behind the development cycles. There is a thorough analysis of requirements for features along with a detailed test case description carried out beforehand. The end result is a usable product released to the customer.

Change Management

Help clients see and optimize content (systems, processes, structure) and human (mindset, behavior, culture) and design a change process that enables swift course corrections throughout the transformation journey.

Support Desk services

We offer a live, flexible, customized support services help desk tailored to your institution for both administrators and end users.

Customization/integration services

Capabilities include custom feature development, website and theme customization, 3rd party system integration, Single Sign-On, Ecommerce, Library Courses & customized Multi-Tenant Systems.

Course Development and Content Creation

We are experienced course developers and have created content for users worldwide. Please view our Content page to learn more!

Learning Portal Design and Application Development

We follow the AGILE development methodologies in software engineering. The AGILE method promotes adaptive planning, incremental development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change. We have adapted our practices to best suit building products from scratch as well re-building or sustaining existing software products.

Keep it Simple

We believe in keeping things simple. Often there are multiple ways of developing a feature. Our recommendation is always to use simple, yet effective ways. This reduces code complexity and makes the product maintainable. When applied to user experience, software is more intuitive and usable.